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The Watch Book | Rolex


There have been many Rolex books published over the years. Most are way too esoteric for all but the most dedicated collectors, who obsess over the slight variations between references and wouldn’t dream of actually wearing the pieces they so assiduously acquire. So we welcome the publication of a more consumer-friendly, large format volume, an encyclopedic-feeling without being boring, beautifully illustrated, and aesthetically pleasing enough to merit space on any coffee table.

Book Features:

  • Informative text and hundreds of photos are a fitting testament to the world-renowned Rolex brand
  • Respected wristwatch expert and historian Gisbert L. Brunner shares his extensive subject knowledge once more
  • A must-have for watch collectors, enthusiasts, and anyone wishing to become one

About the Author

Gisbert L Brunner, born in 1947, has been working with wristwatches, pendulum clocks, and other precision timekeeping instruments since 1964. During the quartz watch crisis in the 1970's, he discovered a new love for mechanical timepieces as well. His talent and passion for collecting chronographs led him to publish his first articles on the subject in magazines, including GQ, ZEIT Magazin, and Chronos, in the 1980's. He has since written more than twenty books about every aspect of the field.

    Delivery lead time  is usually between 3 to 10 working days


    Delivery lead time  is usually between 3 to 10 working days