Mongolian Sheepskin Rug - Charcoal White Tips


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Mongolian sheepskin throw rug in charcoal grey with white tips is beautiful in tone and texture.

The striking crimp fleece has a chic modern appearance that brings warmth and style to any interior space. Mongolian sheepskin is a thinner, lighter hide to other sheepskins such as the Icelandic and merino. This makes it all the more versatile as a decor accent to be used the whole year through as either a floor rug or furniture throw.

Approximate size 100cm x 60cm, however variations in size and texture does occur since these are 100% genuine natural products.

We take pride to ensure the tanneries we work with source these hides from by-products of the meat industry. We then ensure eco-friendly processes in their tanning and colour dying that ensures it is safe for people and pets and the environment.

No dyed genuine sheepskin fleece is 100% colour fast. Therefore to avoid discolouration of the fleece we advise that the hide should be kept out of sunlight.

Cleaning sheepskin is easy. Simply shake regularly to remove dust, and attend to any soiled areas by spot cleaning with a damp wet cloth the affected area. Keep out of sunlight to dry.

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